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Let Tidal Electrical Services Keep Your Business Safe

The right types of commercial lighting installation solutions are about a lot more than providing a safe place for employees to work and/or consumers to shop. The right lighting solutions can also offer safety and security and improve the property’s value. Additionally, they can help with a property’s aesthetics, which can therefore make it a more welcoming place to visit and do business at. But any commercial lighting installation project can do the opposite if it’s not performed by the right professionals. That’s where we come in. As experienced, and trained electricians, we’ll help take your new lighting project from concept to reality. On this page, we cover some of the popular commercial lighting installation solutions that we’re proud to offer.


You should never be surprised when your electrician delivers your bill. Before we perform services, we make sure to review your electrical needs and the proposed cost of those repairs. Our customers repeatedly report that our prices are not only competitive but also fair and honest. We never recommend repairs you don’t need, and we guarantee our upfront pricing principles.


Commercial Lighting Installation Services

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LED Retrofits

Looking to outfit your commercial property with up-to-date lighting? Replacing conventional incandescent or fluorescent lighting via an LED retrofit is the ideal way to go. LED lights offer a variety of benefits compared to traditional lighting solutions. For instance, they're much more efficient - drawing up to 90 percent less energy than conventional lights. This is a win-win, as it presents a sustainable lighting solution and also helps decrease utility costs as well. LED retrofit lights are also much cooler, longer lasting and more durable.
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Security Lighting

One of the best ways to safeguard your commercial property after hours is by having security lighting installed. These types of lights help deter theft and make your property safer overall. Contact us today to learn more about all of the security lighting installation options we offer.
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Emergency Lighting

Should the unthinkable happen, it's imperative that everyone within a commercial facility is quickly alerted of the threat and can mobilize accordingly. That's part of the big value of emergency lighting. From dual-head LEDs to hard-wired exit signs, we offer a variety of emergency lighting options - and we'll formulate a plan within your property to make sure it's adequately covered and up to code
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Recessed Lighting

Looking to have your lights more hidden in your facility but still ensure that it's receiving an adequate amount of light? Recessed lighting is one way to accomplish this. It can be an especially beneficial amenity in newer properties.
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Outdoor & Parking Lot Lighting

Whether you need existing outdoor exterior lights replaced because they are damaged or don't have adequate power supplying them, or you just want to upgrade your outdoor and parking lot lights, we can help. We can handle any type of repair, exterior LED retrofit and we can even install lighting on light poles around your property. We have several bucket trucks in our equipment yard that can work up to four stories in height.

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