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Though electric vehicles (EVs) still aren’t nearly as widespread in popularity as conventional ones, transportation electrification is still the way of the future, especially as more consumers become cognoscente of how impactful their everyday actions have on the world around them. The numerous electric vehicle startups to complement the more established electric vehicle automakers and investments from long-standing automakers are evidence of this – and you don’t have to look far to see such efforts coming to fruition. Discover more about our electric car charging station installation services.

Noting this, it makes sense today to plan for this uptick of EVs in the future – and one way to do it is to ensure that there are electric car charging stations in your parking lot or parking garage for drivers to “refuel” while they’re outside of the home. Doing so can have a variety of benefits. For instance, consumers will be more likely to shop at your store if they know you have the amenities to charge their vehicle. And businesses may be more apt to receive quality candidates based on their investment in and commitment to sustainable technologies.



Electric Car Charging Station Installation: Key Locations

While EV drivers can charge their vehicles from their own garages while they're home, charging stations still remain somewhat limited outside of the house. Here's a look at some key locations for charging station installation that should be considered:

Business districts

City centers


Parking garages

Areas near retail and restaurants

Multi-family communities

Different Types of Electric Car Charging Stations

There are several different charging stations that you can select from for installation, which range based on how quickly they can recharge vehicles.Our preference in the field is SemaConnect and Blink Charging Stations. In a commercial setting, a faster charging option is usually ideal, as consumers may only be parked for a limited time. Conversely, a slower charging station may be more appropriate for an office environment where drivers may be parked for several hours a day. When you contact us, we’re happy to review all of the electric car charging station options with you to ensure that you’re getting the stations that are the best for your situation. Like we said, while charging stations in a residential setting may benefit from a slower charging station for thorough overnight recharge, those in a commercial setting usually benefit from a faster charging option.

Our team of electricians have experience installing electric car charging stations across a wide variety of environments. We’ll ensure that installation was performed correctly and is up to code so your clients or residents can enjoy safe, effective charging.

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For more information on electric car charging station installation and to learn about the range of stations that you have to select from for your specific situation, contact us today. Electrification is the future of consumer transportation, and it can pay to take steps now to prepare for when EVs are widespread and mainstream in the future. Contact us for more information.
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